Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spelman aluma creates app to take text messages back.

How many times have you sent a text message to someone you totally didn't mean to send to or sent the perfect message to the wrong person? There have been times when I would be talking about someone to someone else and send the message to the person I was talking about. Whoops. As college students we all have our slip ups, especially on those nights when we may have had a little too much to drink and we wake up the next morning regretting a text we sent.

Now you can download an app that lets you take your text messages back! Spelman aluma, Maci Peterson, has created this app called "On Second Thought" that will solve all our embarrassing texting issues. It has cool features such as the curfew feature that lets you pick a time when you want your "curfew" to start and any message you try to send after that time won't be sent until the morning or when it expires. This way you can send a text if you wanted to be block the embarrassing texts.

I think this is particularly important because not only will this app be extremely useful, but it sets an example for other female African-American students. In many science and technology fields women and especially women of color are few and far between. I get excited when I see that someone who I can relate to as a woman and as a black person creating new inventions like this. We need more women of color in STEM fields and seeing this means that there is hope for the future.

By the way, Happy International Women's Day!

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