Sunday, February 8, 2015

ATMs in India

I was sitting in my Sexual Minorities class last week when the professor was talking about current news in the media. She said that there would be ATMs in India that would be able to look at you and automatically recognize your face and you would be able to pay that way. I wonder what the issues would be regarding this new invention. What happens if there's a glitch in the system and the technology recognizes the wrong person? What if a picture of face goes somewhere else and you were followed around the moment you left the ATM?

This presents new issues in the world of mass communication that our generation will have to deal with. New laws will be made and older laws will have to be amended or struck down. Information will be at our fingertips and like it is easier to pay by face recognition, it could be easier for someone to take that same information and steal it from you. With new inventions there is always new discussions about how it would be implemented and regulated. Be careful what you put online and now how you pay for things.

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