Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playful news

I get a kick out of many things I find online that make me want to click and find out more, but I one thing that really interests me is clickbait. Yeah, I fall for it, a lot. When  I see a quiz that says, "What state do you really belong to?" I click on it because I'm just that curious. I recently took a quiz that asked "Which Disney princess are you?" and it turns out that I am Princess Jasmine!I was so excited.

Me and so many other people enjoy quizzes and games that we find online, and news organizations are actually beginning to add more to their websites to produce more traffic and to have more engagement. Games have always had a spot in news, such as crossword puzzles and comics. However, online news allows for more news to seen and more news to not be seen as well. It all depends on what you click on. Popups have this ability to get our attention fast and that's not something we can experience in a traditional newspaper.

I wonder if games will ever reach a level of interest in online news that it will be the main reason why a lot of traffic is produced there. I think it's also interesting that people share their results and get their friends or followers to take the quiz or play the game as well, producing even more traffic.

Not only are games and quizzes thriving online but also on our cellphones. When we want to play a game we always get those annoying ads that pop-up when we open the app or go to the next round in our game. Now that gaming has moved from the consoles in our homes to our mobile devices, advertising has used that as a strategy to get people to buy their products. The freemium model also lets gamers unlock new levels buy paying for them to increase their game experience.

Because gaming is beginning to be more popular on cellphones, it gives advertisers a chance to do what they need to do to reach consumers, putting newspapers at a disadvantage even more.

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