Friday, January 30, 2015

Apple just made history...Not surprised

When apple released it's quarterly earnings for 2015 on Tuesday, it reported earnings of $74.6 billion in revenue. This is more than any company has ever made in quarterly sales! It also is more money made than the entire S&P 500 list combined! The company was highly successful from its sale of nearly 75 million iPhones last quarter. Most of the earnings came from China where the revenue increased by 70%. Wow, is that enough facts for you all? Apple isn't stopping here either. CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple will be releasing the highly anticipated Apple watch in April.

Now that I know all of this, I am amazed yet not surprised. In the world we live in today most people own or have owned some kind of Apple product whether it's an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac. As an owner of Apple's stock, I am a happy shareholder, however I do worry if the hype over Apple will last long enough for the stock to continue to grow. Almost 69% of the revenue that Apple got from its quarterly earnings were from iPhones, which have been around for quite a while. As long as Apple keeps on pleasing its consumers and coming out with innovative products that lead up to the expectations of consumers, then they will continue to make more money.

This is also huge for technology because in the past, oil companies have produced the highest earnings in quarterly revenue. This quarter, Apple beat out a Russian natural gas company GazProm and the previous record holder from the US, Exxon Mobil.Now the question is, will digital technology control how we get gas and how we drive our cars?

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