Friday, January 30, 2015

What does Google Fiber mean for the Digital Age?

Now that Google fiber is coming to the Raleigh-Durham area, there will be more opportunities for people to engage in educational, digital and research projects. It also opens room for competition from other companies such as AT&T's U-verse broadband internet, which attracts business. Google Fiber would provide broadband internet to areas that is 80 times faster than the national average speed. This major business move is essential in a college town, such as Chapel Hill because students are always demanding faster internet or just internet in general, and there are many professionals here that would research its effects.

One way I think it would have an impact would be on our youth. As children start to become digitally smarter than their parents they will learn at a young age, the power of digital communication and how it can benefit them. When I was a kid, I played outside all the time and hardly spent much time on a computer or tablet. Now that all of these products are coming out for children to play with indoors provides an opportunity for them to learn new things on their own, experiment and maybe even discover something new. I think this high-speed internet situation will implicitly encourage youngsters to become innovators as young as possible. It also could mean less physical activity and childhood obesity, but we will save that discussion for another time.

The photo below shows the speed of Google fiber compared to today's average. It's a huge change.

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