Friday, January 30, 2015

McDonalds asks you to pay with Lovin'

Maybe the digital age isn't taking us away from special human interactions and moments after all. As the Super Bowl gets closer, people will be expecting to see funny, meaningful and memorable advertisements when the game is not on. One of which will be from Mikey D's, which hasn't had a Super Bowl commercial in eight years. From February 2nd through the 14th customers who come in and order during pre-selected times will be able to "Pay With Lovin" and will get their meal for free. In a 30-second preview (sorry, I am about to spoil it for you) different people where asked to take a selfie with the employee or the person they were with. They were asked to call their mom just to tell them they loved her. One mother and her son were at the register and the employee asked her to say one thing she loved about her son. Some even danced for free food (Heck, I would too).

This may not be a major advancement in media or technology, but it is more so a reminder that we should take time away from our digital devices and constant daily reminders and focus on what really matters in life: love, hugs and smiles that make our day other people's days special. I personally think I do not tell my mother or father that I love them enough and part of the reason is that I can be caught up in so many different types of messages, whether they are on my phone, my lap top, my music or walking down the street. This advertisement will serve as a model for improving the relationships that we care about. Plus, who doesn't like free food?

What a great idea from McDonald's public relations and advertising team.

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