Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LinkedIn creates two new products

LinkedIn is known for its great networking platform that helps potential employers find employees and for people looking for work to network with others to land the job of their dreams. Not only is LinkedIn helpful for employers and people actively searching for work, they are moving toward being active inside the workplace by connecting coworkers.

This makes sense to me because people who work for huge corporations such as Google or Apple do not know everyone who works there. What LinkedIn is doing is first creating a database for employees to network within the workplace. It is called InMail for coworkers to provide their contact information. The second is content sharing, so that company administrators could send out information about a position that needs to filled to a bulk of employees who may then share it on their personal LinkedIn accounts in hopes that it will attract potential employees.

These developments are making information easier to access in the workplace without having to do much work. In a positive sense people will be able to come closer together, but one con or loss may be that people will be too reliable on computers for information that genuine human interaction may alter in the future.

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