Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dances Going Viral

We often times talk about mass communication in ways of writing or technology, but dance has always been a language in itself and a way to communicate as well. Dance is a way for people to come together to either tell a story, have a good time, compete or even exercise. Dances such as the Nae Nae, the Harlem Shake, the twist, the dougie, the 1,2 step, gangnam style, etc. have traveled across the world and were introduced in clubs, streets and dance studios as well.

As a dancer I always love when a new dance move is introduced because I think it's so amazing that people can do so many new and exciting things with their bodies and call it anything they want. Most of these dances have a story or originated from somewhere. I remember the crip walk that kids used to do in elementary school, and once I got older I found out it referred to the gang. Simple movements can go viral as well as anything that is funny, scary or ridiculous. Dancing is sexy and that's why it goes viral. It's sexy when old people start dancing to pop or hip hop music and it's sexy when stereotypes can be broken through dance. Most people don't expect old people to "nae nae" or a white boy to "beef it up," so it's great when these videos can change societies views on ageism, sexism, racism and other isms that exist.  

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