Thursday, April 23, 2015

The most significant thing(s) I learned from JOMC 240

Looking back at my notes and thinking about what we discussed in my JOMC 240 class called Current Issues in Mass Communication, I noticed and remembered that during many class periods we talked about the decline of print media. I would have to say, because of the amount of times that we mentioned this, it would have to be the most significant thing I learned.

What happens if print media completely goes out of business and is digital? I personally think print media will move toward digital sooner than we think, but I also believe that people enjoy reading a physical newspaper, collecting them and being able to recycle them. Older generations especially like it and as we get older reading on a computer may become more complex because our eyes would be looking at a screen too long. Maybe by then our eyes will be immune to it because of how much time we already spend in from of screens. When my generation gets older I definitely think that the majority of us will get our news from a news app, an app that specializes in news from all kinds of outlets and is personalized to what we like or just subscribing to a credible online news outlet and being loyal to that news outlet.

This class also talked a lot about the future and what mass communications issues we have now and how we will deal with them in the future. One thing that we did not spend a lot of time talking about was the environment and how eliminating print media may save the environment, but that also might mean more electricity, which can also be harmful to the environment. We were always reminded in this class that we are the generation that will step up and create the next big thing, the next big way for mass communication to spread around the world, and that our ideas will be bigger and better and innovative and forward-looking. Wow, it's kind of a lot of pressure, but I believe that we will and it will be amazing to find new ways of communicating whether it's through new technology or an alternative to print media.

I believe print media will still be around in my lifetime, but it will continue to decline. With things going viral on video and people being able to collect real-time news with apps such as Periscope and Meerkat I learned that video is becoming the next big thing and is something to watch out for in the future. Ever scroll down your Facebook feed and all you see are videos? Yep, it's coming. When I think about, I normally see a video of something before there is a news story about. First there is a video then reporters are quick to report about it. Video sparks news stories and I believe it would do fine without print media.

I remember toward the beginning of the semester we were asked to track all the media we consumed for an entire day. I pick up the Daily Tar Heel every now and again, but almost none of my media diet included print media. It was mostly on my phone, so that told me the direction that my generation is going in already. I enjoy seeing and reading some print media like flyers for example on the back of bathroom stalls advertising for an event, but in 2025 the back of stalls my have built-in computers advertising those things. I think it's interesting to think about the future in this way and how we are so close to seeing these changes. The funny thing is we can never see the future happening it just does.

Oh and another significant thing I learned from this class are the steps to going viral, but I won't share that on here yet, until my content goes viral and I make millions. Thanks for those steps Professor Robinson, I might actually use them, haha. You da bomb Professor Robinson! (Or should I say JR?)

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