Sunday, April 5, 2015

Front Page Editorial on the Indianapolis Star

There was a recent law made in Indiana that allows certain businesses to refuse to serve people in the LGBT community as a way to protect religious freedom. The Indianapolis Star, a newspaper in Indiana decided to put an editorial opinion piece on the front of the paper with the huge headline saying"Fix This Now," meaning stop the discrimination against gays in the community.

I personally do not understand the law because it takes away freedom from a certain group of people while it is "protecting" the freedom of religion. It's a very gray area, but come on now, this is not the 1950s when blacks and other minorities were not allowed to sit at the same table or dine at the same restaurants as white people. What happened to America Home of the Free?  I am aware that discrimination still exists, but it seems that we have learned nothing from our past. I feel like religion is meant to bring people together instead of tearing us apart.

The fact that this was a front page opinion story is really different. Everyone has their own opinion, but not everyone is interested in someone else's opinion. I respect the fact that the newspaper took a risk and did that because it represents the community in Indiana. It shows that people really care about this issue more than we think and it gets people talking. If it had of been the other way around and the newspaper supported the law, then I would really question the values of the newspaper and would probably want to know more about their values. 

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